National Law Enforcement

Officer's Memorial

Washington, DC

ARCHITECT: Davis Buckley & Associate Architects

CONTRACTOR: George Hyman Construction (Clark Construction)


Finish painted aluminum trellis systems, gazebos, pergolas and column covers. Custom fabricated book readers with etched glass surfaces for name locations. Elevator head houses were completely re-clad with sand-blasted stainless steel.

All of the public transit systems above ground and underground were uninterrupted throughout the construction period.

ARCHITECT: Hecht, Burdeshaw, Johnson, Kidd & Clark, P.C.

CONTRACTOR: Beers Construction Company


This project consisted of the construction of over-sized painted aluminum ribbons criss-crossing overhead with a steel suspension hanging system.The ribbons had over 500 penetrations for catwalk supports, fire protection piping, cable supports and lighting supports. Each penetration had to be precisely located in the engineering phase through coordination with other trades' drawings.

Bill Heard River Center
Performing Arts Theater

Columbus, GA

Edward H. McNamara

Terminal, Northwest


Detroit, MI

ARCHITECT: Smith Group

CONTRACTOR: Hunt Construction 


Project was extensive. It included stainless steel architectural panels with polished headers and jambs, stainless steel column covers along the 1 mile length of terminal, stainless steel guard rail with stainless steel posts with 1/2" bowed tempered glass infill panels, stainless steel cladding around the arrival/departure monitors and ticket counter canopies, column covers and painted aluminum perforated architectural wall panels and aluminum grills. 

The project also included stainless steel escalator cladding, exterior stainless steel rail, stainless steel post and cladding with stainless steel mesh infill panels, plus stainless steel benches and much more.

ARCHITECT: Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz

CONTRACTOR: Bovis Construction Corporation 


This project consisted of the construction of ornamental aluminum railings with a wood cap and bent tempered blass, colored clear glass inserts, as well as clear powder coat painted perforated metal panels.

Besides the rail system, this extensive project also included ornamental lighting enclosures at column/balcony fronts, ornamental column capitals and tower features, as well as ornamental stainless steel drinking fountains.

Duke University Medical Center Children's Health Center

Raleigh/Durham, NC


CONTRACTOR: Messer/Danis Corporation - A Joint Venture 


This project consisted of the construction of a monumental spiral stair with support columns and outriggers.

Additional project elements include glass guard rails with wood top rail, aluminum wall and floor grills, column capitals, light enclosures and wall panels.

Schuster Performing Arts Center

Dayton, OH

ARCHITECT: The Whitney Group

CONTRACTOR: HCB Contractors 


This project consisted of the construction of seven different gazebos, one representing each continent. Additionally, Construction Services provided glass and wood cap guard railings, a terrazzo world map using bronze accent dividers, decorative steel railings and a painted steel trellis system.

USAA Insurance Company
Office Expansion

San Antonio, TX

Hotel Van Zandt

Austin, TX


CONTRACTOR: Tribble & Stephens


CSI furnished and installed the monumental stair along with the stair railings and second floor balcony railings. The stair and railings have a blackened steel finish. Bronze handrail has patina finish. CSI also provided the blackened steel column and beam wraps  at main dining room. CSI also provided the glass railings at pool.

Brock School of Business – Samford University

Birmingham, AL

ARCHITECT: Davis Architects



We fabricated and installed the stair as well as glass railings on stair and second and third floor openings. Glass railings have stainless steel handrails along with stainless steel cladding.

Georgetown University – New South Student Center

Washington, DC


CONTRACTOR: Whiting – Turner


We furnished and installed the bronze window screen system along with the bronze door surronds

Intergraph Corporate Office

Huntsville, AL

ARCHITECT: Cooper Carry Architects

CONTRACTOR: Robins & Morton


CSI provided the stainless steel cable railings at exterior patio along with the serpentine stainless steel and glass railings at main lobby.

LSU School of Business

Baton Rouge, LA


CONTRACTOR: Lemoine / Brasfield & Gorrie


CSI furnished and installed the “TECU” wall panels for this building. All panels where custom fabricated to layout of building. “TECU” panels were provided with a mill finish to allow panels to patina naturally.


CSI furnished and installed the monumental stairs along with the stainless steel and glass railings. The glass railings at stairs and balconies are installed using CSI button connection system.  Exposed elements of stair are finish painted to meet specifications for Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS).


CSI furnished and installed the decorative bronze grilles and glass canopy system. Outriggers are custom fabricated stainless steel with a No. 4 directional finish. Glass is connected to outriggers using spider brackets.  The decorative bronze grilles have a patina finish. All materials were formed from bronze sheet to the designed profiles then stretched formed. CSI used the stretch formed materials to fabricate framed units for installation.  The bronze grillage was connected to the curtain wall system using outriggers.

Novartis QC Administration Building

Holly Springs, NC

ARCHITECT: Flad & Associates

CONTRACTOR: BE & K Building Group


CSI provided the spiral stair and railings along with the balcony railings for this project. The stair features a 2 ¼” thick x 42” wide single inside stringer. The stair stringer also served as the guardrail. The treads and risers counter leaver 5’-0” out from the 2 ¼” plate stringer. Stair specification required the steel materials to meet Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel standards. The railing system included steel post assemblies along with stainless steel wall rail / hand railings and clear tempered glass.

University of Southern Indiana

Evansville, IN

ARCHITECT: TFC Architects & Engineering

CONTRACTOR: Weddle Brothers Building Group


CSI provide the glass and stainless steel railings at monumental stair and balconies. The glass system is a stainless steel button system with stainless steel back plate. Stainless steel materials have a No. 4 finish.

Dannelly Field – Composite Operations

Montgomery, AL

ARCHITECT: Seay, Seay & Litchfield

CONTRACTOR: Bear Brothers


CSI provided the monumental stair and railings for this project. The monumental stair featured a single 12” steel pipe center string with cast aluminum outriggers. The stair was sandblasted with a clear coat finish.  The Architects vision for this stair was the skeleton of a dinosaur. The stair features a stainless steel cable railing system. The stainless steel materials for this railing system has a No. 6 finish. CSI also provided 3D modeling for this project.

University of Alabama New Classroom Building

Tuscaloosa, AL

ARCHITECT: Tuner-Batson

CONTRACTOR: Bailey Harris


CSI furnished and installed the stainless steel and glass railings at monumental stairs and balconies. Railing system was custom fabricated to meet specification requirements. Glass fittings and hand rail brackets have a No. 8 mirror finish. All other materials have a No. 6 directional finish.

Cooks Museum

Decatur, AL

ARCHITECT: Fuqua & Partners

CONTRACTOR: Fite Building Company


CSI provide and installed the side mounted, double balustrade stainless steel and glass railing system for the spiraled stair and balcony. The glass for this project was bent ½” clear tempered laminated. The railing system features glass brackets attached to railing system using continuous top and bottom horizontal rods.

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Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

Nashville, TN

ARCHITECT: Donald Blair Architects

CONTRACTOR: Turner Construction Company


CSI provided the monumental stair, railings, stainless steel cladding, and decorative ribbon banners. The railings have two colors with a faux finish and stainless steel stars. The railing also featured stainless steel top rail and double stainless steel hand rails. The remaining materials are carbon steel. The ribbon banners at intermediate landing and second floor lobby were laser cut and spiraled. The monumental stair is serpentine featuring a flare out at the bottom of stair. All materials were painted and finished in our shop.

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