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Monumental Stairs

Monumental stairs come in many different configurations such as straight-run, curved, straight-run flights with curved platforms, and spiral stairs with varying degrees of rotation or curvature.

Stairs can be constructed from carbon steel and stainless steel in all types of finishes. We can offer a painted finish or a stair ready to receive a covering of your choice. Also, we can clad the stair system with painted steel, aluminum, finished stainless steel or bronze.

Martin Road Apartments

Huntsville, AL

Architect: J. Price Architecture

Contractor: Doster Construction


Monumental stair features a single stringer at centerline of stair with Ash wood treads. Glass guardrail at monumental stair consist of 13/16” low iron glass, button rail system with 1” x 2” Ash wood hand rail and wall rail. Glass guardrail at balcony has 9/16” low iron glass with aluminum shoe system wrapped with non-directional finish stainless steel cladding. Ash wood has a natural finish with clear top coat.

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